Pulpit Rock Brewing Co.


One of the fun fusions we like to play around with.

One of the fun fusions we like to play around with.

Our Brewing Approach

For its size, Pulpit Rock Brewing’s scope is broad. To us, a brewery should simultaneously respect the classics, recognize the trends and demand innovation.

At its core, Pulpit Rock Believes in a commitment to diversity. From day one’s pilot batches, co-head brewers Robert Slack and Justin Teff were not devoted to creating a ‘flagship’ or solely adhering to style guidelines. The unsettled pursuit of an evolving tap list was an exciting challenge.

That is not to say guests won’t find a delicious double IPA, a crisp Kolsch-style ale or a roasty Porter on our menu. But a routine brewing schedule of the same recipes stalls our enthusiasm for exciting flavor infusions, different hop varieties or unique yeast strains.

This mentality is a core value of what Teff and Bob have named the Contemporary American Beer Experience. We hope you share their ethos and will visit Pulpit Rock Brewing to sample our creations.